Experience superior flexibility for your evolving business needs. Deploy stand-alone services, or integrate seamlessly with other Quantic Dynamics services. Access your data from anywhere in the world. Enterprise availability and security.


Use for archiving, backup and content repositories. Or, store content for analytics, social, and mobile workloads.

Always On Availability

Choose your level of resiliency for data availability in single or multiple regions.


Access your data from anywhere in the world using built-in SFTP.

Archive, manage, and serve large amounts of unstructured data across the Internet with ease. We’ve taken OpenStack Object Storage at its core, and created an all-new storage solution. With storage clusters in IBM data centers around the world you can replicate or transfer your data anytime, anywhere. Object Storage offers Swift API support, built-in SFTP, and seamless integration with our content delivery network.

You can store any kind of data, photos, videos, and log files. Object storage is good for post-process-type data as found in the media, entertainment and health care industries, as well as for archival. The object store guarantees that the data will not be lost.

A simple use case would see application developers who deal with large amounts of user-generated media, using object storage to store unlimited media files. As data stores scale to hundreds of terabytes and then into the petabyte range and beyond, object storage becomes even more attractive.

For businesses with large data storage needs, Object Storage bears evaluation. It can almost certainly provide superior scalability, durability, and price compared to existing storage solutions at petabyte-scale.

  • Integrated Indexing and Search: Quickly access information through user-defined metadata key-value pairs, file name or unique identifier.
  • Worldwide Storage Fabric: Storage clusters in North America, Europe, and Asia—all connected via a private network—provide secure data replication and transfer.
  • Redundant Architecture: Data is written multiple times per cluster with self-healing capabilities to immediately restore data in case of drive failure.
  • Flexible Data Distribution: Highly scalable read/write access gives users the ability to serve content directly from the storage system.
Use Cases
  • Storage of unstructured data like music, image, and video files.
  • Storage for backup files database dumps, and log files.
  • Large data sets. Whether you’re storing pharmaceutical or financial data, or multimedia files such as photos and videos, storage can be used as your big data object store.
  • Archive files in place of local drives. Media assets such as video footage can be stored in object storage.

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