Firewalls are an important step in securing your cloud environment (and all the information stored there) as well as preventing malicious activity from ever reaching your servers or end users. When added to your security strategy, hardware and software firewall options will help ensure uptime, protect your servers and network, and give you greater control of your infrastructure’s protection settings. For more information check out mrlån


Provision on the fly without service interruption.


We will manage and control the firewall for your specific need.

Wide Selection

Options from 10Mbps to 2,000Mbps to accommodate unique needs.


Hardware Firewall

10Mbps to 2,000Mbps protection for single servers.

Protect individual servers with hardware firewalls provisioned on demand without service interruptions.

Hardware Firewall (Dedicated)

1Gbps protection for single, multiple, or all servers on same VLAN.

Protect one, multiple, or all servers in the same VLAN with a dedicated hardware firewall, provisioned on demand without service interruptions.

Hardware Firewall (High Availability)

Redundant 1Gbps protection for single, multiple, or all servers on same VLAN

Protect one, multiple, or all servers that share the same VLAN, with a secondary physical firewall for failover protection (and automatic fall back when primary firewall is restored).

Gateway Appliances

Software defined firewall, router, VPN, and more.

Create and manage virtual routers, firewalls, and VPN devices through user-defined parameters. A Vyatta Network OS Gateway Appliance—a Quantic Dynamics bare metal server with Vyatta Network OS—can be customized, monitored, and tweaked to protect your infrastructure and optimize your network performance.

Fortigate® Security Appliance

High-performance, enterprise-class firewall protection

Provides complete, granular control over advanced firewall and security features. High availability options available.

Fortigate Security Appliance is powered by Fortinet
Fortigate Security Appliance (FSA)

A Fortigate Security Appliance (FSA) is a dedicated single-tenant network device that is connected upstream from a server and protects any or all servers on a public VLAN.  It is purchased separate from a server order and can be added to a VLAN at any time.

Quantic Dynamics deploys the 300 series Fortigate Security Appliance within a Virtual Domain (VDOM) on the dedicated appliance allowing customers full access to that virtual domain without compromising the integrity of the device.  Customers have virtually full access to advanced features and the ability to fine tune the device to a much higher degree than other products.  The firewall blocks or shapes traffic before the traffic ever reaches the server. The main advantages are that a server only has to handle ‘good’ traffic and that bandwidth can be constrained for less critical communications.  Customers can manage the FSA either through the web based FortiOS GUI or the CLI (Command Line Interface) via SSH.  High availability can also be ordered which provides two appliances in active-passive deployment with synchronized configurations.

Intended Use: Single Public VLAN Protection

User Interface: Fortigate GUI and Command Line Interface

Features: Stateful Packet Inspection, VLAN Protection, Ingress Firewall Rules, Egress Firewall Rules, NAT, SSL VPN Termination, IPSec VPN Termination, Advanced Logging, High Availability (Optional)

Throughput: 2000Mbps


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